Children's Music

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What the balls is up with children's music? The same songs have been around forever and the same songs are still obnoxious. Why hasn't anyone come up with a solution that offers kids enjoyment without making parent's ears bleed?

Henry loves this music. Shocker.

Wheels on the Bus? Bring it on!

Itsy Bitsy Spider? Louder the Better!

He can't get enough. Music is the one thing that actually does seem to relax him, and I'm sure his vice could be much worse, so I'm usually happy (or as happy as I can be) to fire up Pandora and play the "Toddler" station for him.

Well good story. The other day, I had a rare morning off of mommy duty. I took the Metro into the city for a doctor appointment. I was so excited for the train ride because I knew it meant that I could put in my headphones, listen to MY music, and zone out for the 45 minute ride. Well, I got on the train and that aforementioned Pandora station was the last station loaded on my phone, so when I opened the Pandora app, the itsy bitsy spider sung by the wigglesnugglefluffypalfriendswhateverthefuck filled my baby-less ears with pure high pitched delight.

The sad part? I didn't freaking notice until the song was almost over! I sat in the train, got to the first stop, and zoned out listening to "out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain!"

I swear I slapped my forehead with the palm of my hand when I realized what had happened.

Effin children's music. Thank goodness Henry and I are taking a music class starting in two weeks.