Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let's get one thing straight. I'm not going to win the "Mom of the Year" award this year. Or next. Or probably ever. So I'm just going to put this out there, and hope that I don't regret typing it.

I think watching my kid eat is f@*#ing disgusting.

I remember how excited I was when at Henry's 4 month appointment the doctor told us that we could go ahead and try rice cereal and purees. I'm not sure what I expected feeding to be like, but I'm pretty sure I didn't think it would totally freak me out.

Food on spoon > baby opens mouth > food into mouth > swallow > repeat


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Jenn said...

Oh my goodness... HILARIOUS!! I laughed out loud at those pictures! I remember when my son was that age and he would dig old bits of food out of the bibs with the little pockets in them. It's not like we didn't wash the bibs... but food would get stuck in little crevices that we couldn't see, and then voila... it would emerge as some mystery nugget at the dinner table.

Fortunately it does get better... just not for a while! LOL

Love your blog and following!
Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

cssolomon said...

I completely understand. My son is 19 months old so his new thing is trying to feed himself with utensils. I'm not going to lie, I hate it. It's so much quicker if I do it and food doesn't go EVERYWHERE...but I know he has to learn. lol...I found you on bloggy moms!

Stephanie said...

oh man...utensils...sounds like my nightmare. :)

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