Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ok, Seriously, I think Henry is singing this song in his head 24/7. I thought babies needed to be held, cuddled, fed, and basically have everything done for them.

Psh. Not my son.

If it were up to him, I think Henry would move out and get his own place. He wants to to everything for himself. He recently has started refusing to eat if he is in anyone's arms. In order to eat, he wants to be put down with his head as far away from me as possible and drink his bottle in peace. Most of the time he tries to hold his bottle himself, too.

When eating is rice cereal, he wants to hold the spoon. If I don't let him, he pouts. WTF?

When I know baby is tired, I try to give him cuddles and rock him in my arms. Nope. He arches his back so fiercely and tries to wiggle out of my arms. He does this until I put him down and he puts himself to sleep.

I guess I shouldn't complain about having an independent kid, but if only he could change his diapers himself, we'd be all set. 


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