Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who ever thought a nose so little could have so many boogers? Baby boogers freak me out. They're stringy and what looks like a tiny booger can turn into a huge slime-ball out of nowhere.

Somehow baby boogers is a topic that has come up multiple times between myself and some of the moms I chat with. Turns out there are many methods moms use to evict boogers from their baby's noses.

My favorite method is dad removal. This is where I wait until Tom is alone with the baby and hopefully takes care of the booger without me ever knowing.

The next and only other acceptable form of booger retrieval is the little bulb sucker thing. You know what I mean... This thing:

It's usually not too gross and removes the booger so I don't have to see it. Henry never seems to enjoy having this bulb shoved up his nose, but I'm sure breathing better makes it worth while.

Now. I had no idea there was a third form of retrieval. One mom brought this to my attention and I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Basically its a long tube that one end goes in the babys nose and the other end in someone's mouth ( I say someone because that someone would never be me ). The person then sucks into the tube like a straw and sucks the boogers out. Check it out:

Gross. Sick. Unacceptable.

Why would anyone choose to do this when the bulb thing works fine? What the hell is the point?

Someone please explain this nonsense to me.


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