Jogging with Baby

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Before I found out that I was pregnant, I was an avid jogger. I often found myself running 6-8 miles at a time just for fun. This being the case, I was excited to be one of those moms who had an awesome jogging stroller and ran with their baby every day to get back into shape. Now, I'm not sure if that mom exists out there but let me tell you why jogging with baby is not quite a reality for me.

It all begins with height. I'm short. 5 feet tall to be exact. Every running stroller created out there has Michael Jordan in mind. I can barely see over our jogging stroller let alone jog with it comfortably. In order to hold on to the handles, my arms must be at a 45 degree angle upwards. I'm not sure if you've tried to run with your arms raised before, but it's not cool. or fun. or productive. My arms fall asleep about 5 minutes in our jog which I've started to get use to, but still doesn't make for a comfortable run.

Next, the stroller's size. Who would have thought that something made to move with ease could be so clunky. We have the absolute best of the best jogging stroller. We have a "BOB Ironman." We were told that BOB strollers are the absolute cream of the crop. I believe this, but why oh why does the best jogging stroller have to be the size of a small SUV? If I could, I would take our umbrella stroller running if I thought it was safe.

As a fitness buff, and running lover, and a stay at home mom, why aren't there more compact yet safe jogging strollers? I'd love a jogging stroller I could fit in the trunk of our Ford Mustang and run with without my upper body falling asleep.

I guess a mom can dream.


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