Solid Sunday

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sundays in our house are almost always exciting. Sundays mean coupons for mom, a few beers for dad, coupious amounts of two parent attention for baby, and checking things off our to-do list.

This Sunday involved all of these things, plus one more! We finally tackled the infusion project we've been talking about for some time. Infusions. Yes. Fruit in Vodka. Yummm. Tom has had a recent obsession with stopper bottles, so while on an adventure to Marshalls we spotted one for $3, we knew our time had come. To make this deal even sweeter, we already had a carton of strawberries in the fridge and some Absolut Vodka chilling in the freezer. I had picked up the strawberries at the international market for $.99 a carton, (yes, really, $.99!!!!) and the vodka was leftover from a bloody mary brunch we held about a month ago. Enter deliciousness:

Our highly scientific...

Strawberry Infused Vodka Recipe:
1 liter (approx) bottle
1 carton strawberries (preferably overly ripe/couldgobadanydaynow ripe)
Enough Vodka to cover the strawberries
Splash of white wine

Here are the fruits (literally tehe) of our labor!

Knowing Tom, he will think of about 10 other ways to improve on this recipe, so I will keep you updated as we make changes to improve yumminess.

Happy (kinda) Monday


DCRedTom said...

I tasted a splash so I already have some ideas :)

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